We had a ton of fun on the set combining the performances of professional and non-professional actors, including the debut of DSE’s oldest talent to date (Oscar, 85).  This appealing and talented cast work together to tell two emotionally powerful video stories, each revealing AIHC’s contemporary approach to caregiving.

When we asked our daughter this afternoon to name the coolest place a DSE video could be screened, she nailed it on her first attempt – Times Square. Beginning next week, two versions of our national spot for GorillaTrades will run on the iconic 26′ x 20′ jumbo screen. Makes me so glad we performed […]

"David Shapiro and team have done a great job capturing the imaginative vision of our project ideas, and bringing them to life with their creative production capabilities and talent. We have come to expect great production quality out of each project. For that we are grateful."

Claudia Patton
President Southeast Region