Few spokespeople command the attention of a professional audience more than the owner of the Atlanta Falcons and the founder of Home Depot. The result of capturing the sentiments and appreciations of Arthur Blank bidding farewell to outgoing HD CEO Frank Blake is an insightful, enlightening video perspective of running the world’s most prominent home […]

DSE has generated six promotional marketing videos for Intelliverse over recent years, each with its own distinctive personality and character. We’ve fully-animated their video messaging (three times) and guided a highly-skilled actress through playing herself, as well as her own twin (on top of animation). For our most-recent collaboration, we’ve interwoven the shared enthusiasms of […]

"David Shapiro and team have done a great job capturing the imaginative vision of our project ideas, and bringing them to life with their creative production capabilities and talent. We have come to expect great production quality out of each project. For that we are grateful."

Claudia Patton
President Southeast Region