On-line video interviews were the name of the game for our creative collaboration with Active Parenting. Interweaving thoughts and enthusiasms of five key spokespeople with footage from the firm’s newest instructional series allowed DSE to tell a story aimed at AP’s key demographic, those of concerned and loving parents.

There were two highlights to Dave and Ilene’s speaking engagement at PRSA’s International Conference in Washington D.C. this October… the first was the 70-minute presentation delivered to an upbeat, responsive audience; the second was a DSE shout-out by Joe Cohen, Chair of the Public Relations Society of America. Video moments of each were captured via […]

"David Shapiro and team have done a great job capturing the imaginative vision of our project ideas, and bringing them to life with their creative production capabilities and talent. We have come to expect great production quality out of each project. For that we are grateful."

Claudia Patton
President Southeast Region