Georgia Tech – Business Construction/Civil Engineering

As a shared production project between the Schools of Business Construction and Civil Engineering, DSE is collaborating with communications professionals at Georgia Tech on their tributary video to Baabak Ashuri. Specifically spotlighting his successes with data mining of BIM projects, we’ve enabled Dr. Ashuri to provide on-camera perspectives of his award-winning software and its impact […]

Georgia Tech – Puerto Rico Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

DSE is proud to be partnering with Georgia Tech on the video showpiece promoting the school’s assessment of the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Puerto Rico. Utilizing donated footage, DSE reveals how, within private enterprise and government, these concepts have been delivered from university lab settings to market, and can conceivably work within any business […]

Aptos – Grupo Axo, Mexico City

With their POS technology serving and revolutionizing the retail industry worldwide, Aptos has returned to DSE to video-capture case studies of another satisfied client. Traveling to Mexico City, we collaborated with the executive team of Grupo Axo, the company largely responsible for introducing international brands to Mexico’s retail market.

Georgia Tech – Enterprise Innovation Institute

GT’s EI2 initiative is the University’s chief business outreach and economic development organization.  Funded through a cooperative agreement with Defense Logistics Agency, DSE is producing video messaging that provides a step-by-step guide on how government contractors can achieve compliance with detailed cybersecurity requirements established by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Draft Beer Services – 60 Seconds

So popular and well-received was DSE’s original promo video for Atlanta’s Draft Beer Services, we were commissioned to produce an additional 60-second showpiece with all new content messaging.  While we did repurpose a handful of favorite shots, we’re happy to report that the one-minute presentation is totally fashioned with ‘fresh’ interviews structured within our DBS […]

Draft Beer Services

Draft Beer Services, a leading provider of draft beer system installation and maintenance offerings, caters to thousands of accounts in the southeast (including Atlanta’s new SunTrust and Mercedes-Benz stadiums).  DSE had a ton of fun producing DBS’ new promo video, generating inventive, high-energy videography in Decatur, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee as lively as its subject […]

Georgia Tech – Leading Women@Tech

DSE is happy to be collaborating on a promo video for Georgia Tech for the fifth time this year.  The university’s Institute Diversity has launched Leading Women@Tech as an inaugural, year-long program to engage women leaders of the Atlanta-based campus.  We believe we’ve captured the essence of these impressive professionals and look forward to hearing […]

Colonial Pipeline – Contractor Safety (Portuguese)

How do we keep the relationship fresh between our production firm and DSE’s largest client? As in any commitment, the key is providing respect, mutual admiration and an ‘epic’ video presentation entirely in Portuguese. Even at 18 minutes, our goal was to keep the narrative entertaining to all audiences, but you can decide for yourself.


Allison+Partners, the San Francisco-based public relations firm for LA Fitness and TiVo, ‘challenged’ DSE to create a powerful 30-second sizzle reel to screen for clients at presentation meetings.  Designed to be energetic enough to entertain, yet informative enough to educate, the video utilizes data points and graphic elements from the firm’s PowerPoint presentation, while including […]