Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech – The MILL

GT’s Materials Innovation and Learning Laboratory is a student-run make-and-measure space unlike any other on campus. Within the MILL, progressive and contemporary engineering equipment is made available to students across all disciplines at Georgia Tech, promoting a hands-on approach to learning that enables scholars to enhance their familiarity and advance their experience levels. DSE has […]

JCP Sculptures – ‘Koan’

DSE is continuing its work on our most ambitious documentary project to date, that of John Portman’s ‘Koan’ sculpture and its installation on the Georgia Tech campus. As the final design of the world-renowned architect, Koan and its three rings are to symbolize Knowledge, Research and Creativity, the foundations on which Mr. Portman wanted GT […]

Georgia Tech – Business Construction/Civil Engineering

As a shared production project between the Schools of Business Construction and Civil Engineering, DSE is collaborating with communications professionals at Georgia Tech on their tributary video to Baabak Ashuri. Specifically spotlighting his successes with data mining of BIM projects, we’ve enabled Dr. Ashuri to provide on-camera perspectives of his award-winning software and its impact […]

Georgia Tech – Puerto Rico Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

DSE is proud to be partnering with Georgia Tech on the video showpiece promoting the school’s assessment of the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Puerto Rico. Utilizing donated footage, DSE reveals how, within private enterprise and government, these concepts have been delivered from university lab settings to market, and can conceivably work within any business […]

Georgia Tech – Enterprise Innovation Institute

GT’s EI2 initiative is the University’s chief business outreach and economic development organization.  Funded through a cooperative agreement with Defense Logistics Agency, DSE is producing video messaging that provides a step-by-step guide on how government contractors can achieve compliance with detailed cybersecurity requirements established by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Georgia Tech – Faces of Inclusive Excellence

Yet another point of pride in DSE’s collaborative relationship with the Georgia Institute of Technology is this piece we created for their Faces of Inclusive Excellence program.  FIE recognizes a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students committed to advancing a culture of inclusive excellence at Georgia Tech who have distinguished themselves in their research, teaching, […]

Georgia Tech – Office of the Arts

August is back-to-school time in Atlanta and nowhere is this more abundantly evident than the dynamic environs of the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Georgia Tech’s Office of the Arts is partnering with Out of Hand in producing a campus-wide ‘puzzle hunt’ for new and returning students, as well as faculty, staff and members of the […]

Georgia Tech – Diversity Champion Awards

DSE is loving Georgia Tech these days and this professional adoration is apparently quite mutual.  Inclusion and community are being celebrated with the Diversity Champion Awards, recognition of three individuals and a special unit who contribute to the empowerment of diversity within GT; our production company is honored to have been asked to create the […]

Georgia Tech – Return to SDIE

For close to a year, DSE has been collaborating with the principal players and many participants of Georgia Tech’s Staff Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement program.  As this principally modern and necessary program has evolved, our focus has sharpened regarding the intent of SDIE’s curriculum and its impact on GT leadership. Five days of video production, […]

Georgia Tech – GigaTechnologies

For a program of analysis known as GigaTechnologies, Georgia Tech is being considered for its largest grant approval in University history.  To promote this impressive initiative and to bring to life the philosophies of studying the largest manmade mechanisms in the world, DSE has produced the promo video for this five-college collaboration and its potential […]