Emory Healthcare

1Unit – ACU

By far, the most ambitious video production project DSE has yet to produce for Emory Healthcare is our Accountable Care Unit series. Shot over a number of days on an isolated floor of an EHC hospital, ours is a collection of presentations focusing on a collaborative and progressive approach to patient care. Jason Stein, President […]

Emory Healthcare – Oncofertility

Imagine a young adult in the prime of her life, wanting to conceive and carry a child to term, while being physically and emotionally limited by a diagnosis of cancer.  The staff of Atlanta’s Emory Healthcare’s fertility unit is pioneering new means of successfully working with these oncology patients, improving their chances of conception after a […]

Emory Healthcare – ACL

Tracking the chief physician of Atlanta’s preeminent professional football team, including joining him in the operating room during a procedure, were among our highlights of two days of production for Emory Healthcare.  The extent of their expertise in sports medicine is phenomenal, the impact of which we strived to capture in this showpiece shot entirely […]