Harry Norman Realtors – Sarah

DSE consistently embraces the challenge of appealing to millennial professionals. For a recent video collaboration, our goal was to strike as many emotional chords as feasible with those in the market for their first home. Sarah Alter not only knows this key demographic, she’s a proud and active member. Serving as a new realtor in […]

Portman – Family & Philanthropy

Our mission was to create a mini-documentary spotlighting the familial and philanthropic achievements of John Portman, the world’s most accomplished architect. Much to the amazement of the professionals at the Portman companies, this is exactly what we were able to deliver in close to record time.  This being our fourth collaboration with and/or for Mr. Portman, […]

Insight Global

DSE produced this dynamic video targeted toward attracting and recruiting college graduates. By intermixing “ideal day in the life” video footage of Insight Global’s sales and recruitment teams with clever graphic elements and professional voice talent, we spotlight the remarkable selling points of this powerhouse firm.

Georgia Appleseed Produces DSE Video Messaging

The Georgia Appleseed Center for Law and Justice prides itself as the non-profit, non-partisan organization involving top private practice lawyers, corporate counsel, law schools and civic leaders in dedicated pro bono projects around the state.  David Shapiro Enterprises has been appointed to produce the mini-documentary presentation of the organization’s first five years.

UGA’s Terry College of Business – Alumni Awards

For the third consecutive year, the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia has commissioned David Shapiro Enterprises to produce their video series of biographical profiles, each honoring a recipient of the school’s Distinguished Alumni Award.  In conjunction with the delivery of these presentations, DSE is producing a video overview of the twenty-year […]