Atlanta Scholars Kollel – Five Videos

The Atlanta Scholars Kollel is the community of Georgia rabbis and families who promote Jewish identity through shared acquisitions of knowledge and experiences. To best exemplify the approachability of these learned individuals, DSE has produced five video presentations for the Kollel, most of which combine humor and insight to deliver a memorable message. In time […]

Coastal Restaurant Equipment Rental

For more than 25 years, Coastal Restaurant Equipment Rental has supplied food service and restaurant equipment throughout metropolitan Atlanta. To set an incredibly upbeat tone for CRER’s initial marketing video, DSE dedicated much of our project’s production schedule to the city’s Taste of Atlanta event. As a direct result, we were given many opportunities to […]

“Life of DSE”

Much of the video content we’ve generated this month has either been a continuation of the projects on which we’re already working (Huber, Classic Tents & Events, Coastal) or are those pursuits that will rev up in November (Atlanta Scholars Kollel, CobbLinc). Within the interim, we have refined and revised our production company’s sizzle reel, […]

Gateway Center – A Life of Dignity

In many ways, Charli Shapiro has been collaborating with her production-based parents since she was 6 months old, serving as a snugli-bound extra in DSE’s promo video for Daniel Boone National Forest. Now, as a teenager, she is partnering with us yet again, serving as Cinematographer and Co-Director of the video we’re producing for The […]

Huber – Diversity & Inclusion

Among the top concerns within today’s corporate HR environment is that of Diversity & Inclusion. To crystallize D&I messaging for one of America’s largest family-owned businesses, DSE is generating key video moments that capture the essence and shared perspective of J.M. Huber employees. Production days in September and October will provide the video footage needed […]

Classic Tents & Events – Up to Date

Avengers: Infinity War. Atlanta Film Festival. Chastain Park Arts Festival. Decatur WINE Festival. Motul Petite le Mans. These are only a small handful of the occasions for which Classic Tents & Events has provided their “magic.” For our most-recent promotional video collaboration, DSE is currently in the process of a multi-day shoot with CT&E, who […]

Portman – The Future

Ask any architect to list the three most-influential real estate designers of the past century and there’s a very good chance John Portman is among those cited. His structures are so breathtaking, inspiring and memorable, Harvard conducted a study on Mr. Portman’s aesthetic influence on motion picture storytelling. DSE has the great honor of being […]

Colonial Pipeline – Video Trifecta

The largest refined product pipeline system in the U.S. has returned to DSE to produce three key video messages for various audiences: We recently delivered CP’s ‘Control Center’ overview, designed to recruit operators to the company and further inform those who serve in this role. ‘Process Safety Orientation’ allowed us to raise protection awareness for […]

Georgia Tech – Office of the Arts (CCI)

The marriage of arts and technology is a mutually beneficial collaboration, ever-increasing in popularity. Successfully motivating these unions on the Georgia Tech campus are the amazing teams of participants within the university’s Creative Curricular Initiatives. DSE has video-captured eight distinct programs revealing and reveling in the these rewarding personal partnerships. See how film, music and […]

Emory Healthcare – Magnet Designation

Emory Healthcare of Atlanta is the state’s only health system with three Magnet-designated hospitals, a prestigious recognition for nursing professionals that only 6.9% of U.S. hospitals have earned. To prepare for their required four-day site visit by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, EHC has commissioned DSE to generate video messaging that galvanizes caregivers systemwide to […]