JCP Sculptures – ‘Koan’

DSE is continuing its work on our most ambitious documentary project to date, that of John Portman’s ‘Koan’ sculpture and its installation on the Georgia Tech campus. As the final design of the world-renowned architect, Koan and its three rings are to symbolize Knowledge, Research and Creativity, the foundations on which Mr. Portman wanted GT […]

Advantage Tech Services

Our three-video series spotlighting the Shiji Group is DSE’s initial production project for Advantage Tech Services, an Atlanta-based IT recruitment firm. Having placed 75 employees within the global technology company, ATS petitioned for Jenee Boler, Human Resources Manager for Shiji’s U.S. headquarters, to serve as the series’ introductory spokesperson.

“Snowbank” Animation Project

Based on the prompt of a Morehouse School of Medicine professor, DSE has been evaluating its original offerings within various realms of animation. There are whiteboard videos, there are high-end drawing endeavors. We, however, have embraced the opportunity to generate another sort of project, a brief storyline combining and ‘enabling’ multiple vector files acquired from […]

Roswell High School – Virtual Graduation Ceremony

As the only high school both of our daughters have attended, Roswell High School means a great deal to our family personally. They now reside among our professional collaborators, as well, as DSE is working with RHS on producing the video components of their virtual graduation ceremony. It is a responsibility we take to heart, […]

Georgia Tech Professional Education

By our count, Georgia Tech Professional Education is the 10th department within the GT system with which DSE has creatively collaborated. Our projects for GTPE have been among the more inspiring of these efforts, as we recently produced four videos spotlighting community STEM professionals sharing thoughts and ideas motivated by International Women’s Day.

Classic Tents & Events

We were pleased and proud to deliver two promo video showpieces to Classic Tents & Events in early March,. It’s fair to say that Steven Eisenstein and the entire CT&E staff have been nothing short of gracious to DSE these past few years; it’s been our honor to serve them with the same degree of […]


To promote the release and accessibility of their real estate client’s new app, Elevate, a Los Angeles branding firm, commissioned DSE to produce an animated hype reel to generate a bit of buzz. Revealed at Realty ONE’s national event in Las Vegas, ours is a graphics-intense and high-energy approach to showcasing ONE Connect and its […]

Gail Wegodsky – “Exhibitions”

Gail Wegodsky, DSE’s local favorite artist, has long made an impact on enthusiasts with paintings and drawings that reveal timeless aspects of human nature. Her recent exhibit at LaGrange Art Museum allowed us to showcase numerous representations of her work, as well as her inspirations and thought processes that brought these stunning representations to life.

Georgia Tech – Sustainability Hype Reel

Scores of Georgia Tech academic and research faculty shared their expertise and invitations to collaborate within a three-day showcase dedicated to the subject of sustainability. DSE produced this hype reel for GT’s Brooks Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems, providing a high-energy glimpse into what will surely become an annual campus experience.

MJM Film & Video / Emory Psychiatry

DSE’s Ilene Alter was invited to serve as an on-site creative consultant during production of the promotional video for Emory’s Psychiatry program, in addition to David Shapiro serving as the project’s editor. Produced by MJM, this presentation is to serve as the new recruitment tool to attract potential students to the world-renowned university program and […]