CDC Software

Re-purposing select video highlights from their collaboration at Ford Headquarters in 2010, CDC Software is working with David Shapiro Enterprises on producing a modified version of their video marketing presentation.  The new two-minute showcase focuses entirely on the successes of the firm’s software implementation with Pinnacle Foods Group, as shared by Melissa Nippert, the company’s […]

Chapes JPL

Slated for airing second quarter this year, a new series of commercial spots for Chapes JPL has been scripted and produced by David Shapiro Enterprises.  Recognized within the industry as Georgia and Florida’s highest-end collateralized lender, Chapes provides qualified loans on fine art, jewelry, automobiles and boats, requiring DSE’s commercial spots to attract and appeal […]


To promote the national human resources services firm, David Shapiro Enterprises has produced a series of broadcast commercial spots for HROI.  Professional talent, a strong client testimonial and Tim Mitchell, president of the firm, delivered our messaging of ease and professionalism. Recognized in 2010 within the University’s inaugural selection of fastest-growing businesses owned or operated […]