Chapes JPL – Stunt Spot

DSE collaborated with an Atlanta-based stunt team to create an outlandish 30-second commercial, scheduled to air on the local ABC affiliate and cable channels.

Classic Tents & Events

DSE has delivered this week the first of two marketing video presentations for Classic Tents & Events. The bulk of our original video footage for this project was captured at the Autism Speaks sponsored walk in Downtown Atlanta, where CT&E provided 80 tents for the event. The visual highlights for this video showcase, however, were […]

American Marketing Association

As a long-time admirer of the American Marketing Association, I was happy to oversee the new, mutually beneficial working relationship between DSE and this  worthwhile organization.  To attract yet more participants to their already strong membership, DSE video-captured the sentiments of  a number of their board members and Presidents (past, present and future).  Our goal […]

Classic Tents & Events – Autism Speaks Event

Last Sunday, DSE had the good fortune of collaborating with Steven Eisenstein on his video production project, on location at this year’s Autism Speaks sponsored walk.  The weather was perfect in Downtown Atlanta, so we shot three interviews for his company, Classic Tents & Events, as they provided 80 exhibition areas for the day’s sponsors […]

Space Energy

The assignment from Space Energy was to structure video production efforts as efficiently and timely as possible, per their need for shoots on three continents in eight days. In addition to our Atlanta production, I collaborated with crews and talent in Asia and Europe via Skype, directing very capable people to deliver the performance and […]

Georgia Appleseed Produces DSE Video Messaging

The Georgia Appleseed Center for Law and Justice prides itself as the non-profit, non-partisan organization involving top private practice lawyers, corporate counsel, law schools and civic leaders in dedicated pro bono projects around the state.  David Shapiro Enterprises has been appointed to produce the mini-documentary presentation of the organization’s first five years.