KSU – WellStar College Overview

Without exception, every higher ed video showpiece DSE produces is an exercise in creative collaboration and shared optimism for the future. Chief among our recent deliverables is the promo video for Kennesaw State University’s WellStar College of Health and Human Services, an overview of their 13 degree offerings and the state-of-the-art technology accessible throughout the […]

KSU – Welcome Back to WCHHS

For students already immersed in Kennesaw State’s WellStar College, DSE produced the high-energy, uptempo ‘Welcome Back’ video presentation. Partnering with KSU’s marketing team, DSE designed this video to remind and excite current enrollees (and those of the future) of the many enticing professional pursuits for which WCHHS prepares its graduates and undergraduates.

Jewish HomeLife Communities

In their consistent endeavor to keep their environments safe and well-protected, DSE has staged and video-captured elements of Jewish HomeLife Communities’ annual meeting, interconnecting speaker presentations with all-new promo and testimonial videos. The result is an enthralling-yet-informative overview that shares the issues and successes JHL has recently encountered, especially during the past year.

Classic Tents & Events – Tent Professional Training

DSE has generated the entirety of video footage required for CT&E’s new four-video training series. Utilizing the knowledge and enthusiasms of safety and installation professionals from around the country, our production company is currently interweaving highlights of various assembly specialties that save crews time and money.

Georgia 4-H

Structured as an emotional, heartfelt appeal, DSE’s video presentation for Georgia 4-H serves as a reminder of how current events have impacted the programs and offerings of the well-renowned organization, serving as an inspiration to members who have benefitted from its programs over the course of its history.

MTI Baths – Koan

MTI Baths, the Atlanta-based luxury bath design firm, is internationally recognized for its inspiring work, including within Central Park Tower, the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Their Sculpture Stone material led world-renowned architect John Portman to partner with the firm, when seeking a manufacturer capable of constructing Koan, his 40-foot sculpture recently installed […]

The de Beaumont Foundation – Animation Project

It’s back to the drawing board for DSE, as we strive to deliver our fourth animated video production project within the past year. The de Beaumont Foundation, a charitable foundation based in Bethesda, MD, has a mission to “advance policy, build partnerships, and strengthen public health” to communities across the country. Our animated showcase is […]

Portman Holdings – Andrew Young’s Remembrances

We can say that from Atlanta-based points-of-view, especially those combining political, commercial and Civil Rights perspectives, no two people were more personally immersed (together or independently) than Andrew Young and John Portman. It’s common knowledge that Martin Luther King’s confidante and the world-renowned architect joined forces on transforming our hometown into the international city that […]

Georgia Tech – The MILL

GT’s Materials Innovation and Learning Laboratory is a student-run make-and-measure space unlike any other on campus. Within the MILL, progressive and contemporary engineering equipment is made available to students across all disciplines at Georgia Tech, promoting a hands-on approach to learning that enables scholars to enhance their familiarity and advance their experience levels. DSE has […]

John Portman’s “Koan” Documentary – A Wrap

For the past two years, DSE has creatively partnered with well-respected individuals and companies in producing our most ambitious project to date, the “Koan” long-form documentary. With our (initially) finalized version delivered for a March event at Georgia Tech, our storyline spotlights the world-renowned architect John Portman, his global impact on building design, and his […]