Huber – Diversity & Inclusion

Among the top concerns within today’s corporate HR environment is that of Diversity & Inclusion. To crystallize D&I messaging for one of America’s largest family-owned businesses, DSE is generating key video moments that capture the essence and shared perspective of J.M. Huber employees. Production days in September and October will provide the video footage needed […]

Georgia Tech – Office of the Arts (CCI)

The marriage of arts and technology is a mutually beneficial collaboration, ever-increasing in popularity. Successfully motivating these unions on the Georgia Tech campus are the amazing teams of participants within the university’s Creative Curricular Initiatives. DSE has video-captured eight distinct programs revealing and reveling in the these rewarding personal partnerships. See how film, music and […]

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

DSE is elated to have assembled and delivered its three-video series to the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and production partner EV Club of the South. As a powerful storytelling device and a means to bring true dynamism to these narratives, we staged our interviews in electric vehicles touring the city of Atlanta. The result […]

Chime Solutions – Theresa (ABC’s CFO of the Year)

DSE is proud of the on-going video series we’re producing for Chime Solutions, and we’re especially pleased with the new Theresa Badgett chapter.  In May of this year, within the Small Private Company category, Theresa was selected as the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2017 CFO of the Year.  Suffice it to write, the attitude and personality that led to […]

Georgia Tech – Return to SDIE

For close to a year, DSE has been collaborating with the principal players and many participants of Georgia Tech’s Staff Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement program.  As this principally modern and necessary program has evolved, our focus has sharpened regarding the intent of SDIE’s curriculum and its impact on GT leadership. Five days of video production, […]

Aptos – Paper Source

We shot in Chicago for a couple of days on behalf of DSE’s newest patron, Aptos, a market leader in the retail technology sector.  At the company’s request, we video-captured the essence of the ultra-impressive Paper Source, a premier paperie and gift retailer with over 120 stores and a truly delighted client of Aptos.  Interviews […]

Mayberry Electric

Serving Class A office buildings only, Mayberry Electric has made a name for itself in Atlanta by providing innovative and reliable power-driven resources.  DSE’s promo video captures the professional essence and energy that ME delivers, as they focus on their areas of true expertise: Engineering/Design, Electrical Systems Installation and Preventative Maintenance & Service.  Having served […]

Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets, the Northern Ireland-based carpet designer and manufacturer, is currently working with DSE on the production of three video showcases.  Shot in Ohio, our marketing and instructional videos are to reveal the custom designed luxurious masterpieces, which “grace the floors of prestigious hotels, casinos, cruise ships and famous venues around the world.”

RI International

To capture the successes of innovative mental health crisis services providers in Arizona, DSE went west to engage the principal stakeholders in these communal efforts.  RI International CEO and President David Covington challenged us to create an insightful video for the Crisis Now initiative, a showcase of the state’s collaborative nonprofit behavioral health providers who […]

Georgia Tech – CSDI

DSE is creating the new promotional video for GT’s Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, serving primarily the university’s underrepresented minority and women students.  This is our third promo video for Georgia Tech this year and we’re growing only more enthralled with the numerous and varied offerings the college provides