Intelliverse – IntelliConnection

Intelliverse commissioned DSE to produce a unique video for their new Sales Automation product. Hand-drawn animated characters Jeni and Fred did a terrific job in promoting the product inside the booth at their industry Summit. Intelliverse envisions Jeni and Fred as stars of an ongoing video series showcasing four upcoming product advancements.

Cookerly PR – Most Interesting Teen

DSE is producing three videos for the state of Georgia’s teenage anti-drinking campaign, Give Yourself a Chance. The first in this series is a parody of Dos Equis’ ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ commercial spots, ours being, naturally, the “Most Interesting Teen.”


Allison+Partners, the San Francisco-based public relations firm for LA Fitness and TiVo, ‘challenged’ DSE to create a powerful 30-second sizzle reel to screen for clients at presentation meetings.  Designed to be energetic enough to entertain, yet informative enough to educate, the video utilizes data points and graphic elements from the firm’s PowerPoint presentation, while including […]