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AT&T – GigaPower

In spotlighting the new GigaPower extension of services to the company’s U-Verse offerings, AT&T has relied on DSE to produce the promo video announcing its arrival to Georgia. Featured presenters in this two-minute showpiece include Beth Shiroishi, President of AT&T Georgia, Rusty Paul, Mayor of Sandy Springs, and Kristin Wilson, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of […]

Portman Holdings

John Portman, world-renowned architect and designer, provides the on-camera narrative for DSE’s video project overview. Our video showpiece is fashioned as an added emotional element of his team’s personal presentation to Georgia Tech. Completing iconic work in 60 cities across four continents, six major books feature Mr. Portman’s lifetime of achievements, as does Ben Loeterman’s […]

Colonial Pipeline – Northeast District

How many stories can DSE tell within an eight-minute timeframe?  The answer is revealed within this mini-epic video showcase for CP’s Northeast District.  We’ve relied on multiple subject matter experts, each addressing their own distinct specialities, to build a bigger picture of the impact and value Colonial Pipeline provides to this key section of the country.

Colonial Pipeline – Lightning Strike

The aesthetic and narrative challenge for DSE was to create a compelling video story from an event at which no new video footage was captured.  We believe we rose to the creative occasion in a way that works, as made evident in our brief showpiece for CP.  See how this is accomplished by watching this presentation, produced for […]

Colonial Pipeline – Gulf Coast District

  DSE is currently producing an abundance of video presentations for Colonial, many of which are slated to premiere at the company’s six annual Safety Renewal meetings this quarter.  To generate a highly emotional appeal, we’ve combined DSE’s video perspectives with professional and amateur still photography to entertainingly showcase the professional highlights and achievements of CP’s Gulf Coast District.

Colonial Pipeline – Stop Work Authority

  It’s been said that a single person can make a difference; within DSE’s recent video showcase for Colonial Pipeline, we reveal just how meaningful this belief and company philosophy truly prove to be.  Tammy Lucear, Control Center Operator, correctly made the call to individually shut down the line upon discovering a fire within close proximity to CP’s assets.  Our video tribute […]

Colonial Pipeline – Process Safety Management

There’s a lot to be said for Process Safety Management.  That’s why we’ve allowed CP’s subject matter professionals to share insightful perspectives within this arena.  Suffice it to say, the elements of PSM are worth visually underscoring within our narrative, as these allow us to advocate the benefits of the practices to Colonial’s employees and stakeholders.

GorillaTrades – The Sequel

In conjunction with DSE’s national commercial spot for GorillaTrades currently running in Times Square, we are proud to have produced an updated style of messaging for GT.  Slated to run next year on the Bloomberg and CNBC networks, our 30- and 15-second spots take a lighthearted approach to elevating the GorillaTrades name and to building […]

Curtis Dyna-Fog

For Curtis Dyna-Fog, the world’s leader in spraying and fogging devices, DSE is creating English and Spanish versions of a promotional video showcase and three product overviews.  Utilized for special effects on movie sets and live stage performances, as well as disease and insect control worldwide, Dyna-Fog’s sophisticated and innovative technologies are applied in 60+ […]


DSE has produced five videos for Colonial Pipeline in September, each falling under the company’s SPIRIT banner of values.  Safety, Personal Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork are the guiding principles by which CP employees work and they have certainly woven their way into our collaborative video production efforts with the firm.