Georgia Tech – Sustainability Showcase

Envision more than a hundred faculty of the south’s most respected technical institute providing their perspective on sustainable and clean energy initiatives, each sharing a mini-lecture on their personal achievements and observations within this field of expertise. DSE served as documentarians and video producers of GT’s Sustainability Showcase, a three-day event in which we engaged […]

CMX Cinemas

CMX Cinemas is poised to make a major impression on the nation’s luxury filmgoing experience. To invigorate their pursuits, DSE has produced the company’s promo video capturing the spirit of the state-of-the-art screening facilities, announcing their growing prominence within the state of Georgia and around the country. CMX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cinemex, […]

UGA’s Institute for Leadership Advancement

The University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business has structured two tracks of leadership certification for UGA students. The Leonard Leadership Scholars Program provides personalized leadership development to TCB students, while the Leadership Fellows program is open to any major on campus, each providing innovative courses and service-learning opportunities. DSE is producing the promotional video […]

Clayton County Water Authority – SLBE

DSE is currently in the process of producing six promo videos for CCWA, designed to attract small and local businesses to the Authority’s Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) Program. Our assignment is to generate two-minute stories of firms who have, via the program, derived benefit for the procurement of architecture and engineering, construction, goods and […]

Jewish Home Life Communities – Pairings

The enthusiasms of both the staff and residents of Jewish Home Life Communities are, to the fullest degree, inspiring. Their projections and outlooks are collectively healthy, leading to a gusto for life that is more than expected; it is profoundly contagious. It is in this spirit that DSE has been commissioned to generate video content […]

Harry Norman Realtors – Sarah

DSE consistently embraces the challenge of appealing to millennial professionals. For a recent video collaboration, our goal was to strike as many emotional chords as feasible with those in the market for their first home. Sarah Alter not only knows this key demographic, she’s a proud and active member. Serving as a new realtor in […]

UGA’s PhD in Management

The University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business launches numerous and impressive careers every year, but the camaraderie and success rate of their Management PhD program is remarkable. Among the smallest of TCB departments, the students and faculty of this track unify to produce scholars who can easily transition within their well-respected pursuits of academia. They’ve […]

JCP Sculptures: Koan

David Shapiro Enterprises is currently overseeing one of the most-ambitious video production projects within our 20-year history. The final design of world-renowned and highly-esteemed architect John Portman is that of an original sculpture known as Koan, the 40-foot piece soon-to-be-delivered to Atlanta’s Georgia Tech campus. JCP Sculptures approached DSE to generate the documentary presentation that […]

McCarthy – HJAIA Canopies

The world’s busiest airport is currently constructing two protective, aesthetically-amazing canopies, engineering marvels intended as City of Atlanta icons for the next 50 years. McCarthy, ENR’s 17th-largest Design-Build firm in the U.S., has commissioned DSE to produce the promo video detailing the engineering achievements of the canopies, as well as the inspirational impact on passengers […]

Georgia Tech – SCaRP

By our count, nine departments at Georgia Tech have partnered with DSE on video messaging for the world to see. Our most-recent is for the School of City and Regional Planning, a high-energy video showpiece founded on the words of faculty and students. Each of us behind the camera gets more-than-slightly educated with each GT […]