Mayberry Electric

Serving Class A office buildings only, Mayberry Electric has made a name for itself in Atlanta by providing innovative and reliable power-driven resources.  DSE’s promo video captures the professional essence and energy that ME delivers, as they focus on their areas of true expertise: Engineering/Design, Electrical Systems Installation and Preventative Maintenance & Service.  Having served […]

Jack & Sons

A four-piece jazz combo.  Brews for the adults.  A consistently long line of patrons.  These are only some of the unique offerings of Jack & Sons, a barber shop experience like no other.  These far-from-standard practices provided by our favorite hair-cutting establishment are perfectly aligned with the ‘You Never Know What You’ll Experience’ campaign captured […]

Roswell Film Festival

As a predominantly-upstanding member of the community, I (DS of DSE) am honored to have been invited to serve as a judge for this year’s Roswell Film Festival.  The storylines conceived by these pre-college students are impressively diverse and their slate of entries are genuinely thought-provoking.  I admire these students and the artistic avenues they’re […]

Draft Beer Services

Draft Beer Services, a leading provider of draft beer system installation and maintenance offerings, caters to thousands of accounts in the southeast (including Atlanta’s new SunTrust and Mercedes-Benz stadiums).  DSE had a ton of fun producing DBS’ new promo video, generating inventive, high-energy videography in Decatur, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee as lively as its subject […]

Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets, the Northern Ireland-based carpet designer and manufacturer, is currently working with DSE on the production of three video showcases.  Shot in Ohio, our marketing and instructional videos are to reveal the custom designed luxurious masterpieces, which “grace the floors of prestigious hotels, casinos, cruise ships and famous venues around the world.”

American In-Home Care – Commercial Spots

With the advent of American In-Home Care obtaining Whitsyms Nursing Service and Advocate Home Care Services, AIHC has returned to DSE to have us create three 30-second commercial spots aimed at each of the companies’ Florida-based clientele.  Our finished result is messaging that is personal, buoyant and thought-provoking, designed to prompt proper dialogues between family […]

Integrated Health Resources

To promote the many benefits of the firm’s Crisis Tech 360 software, Integrated Health Resources commissioned DSE to produce their amazing software’s 60-second marketing video.  By generating animation from still and video screen-captures of the technology, our goal is to attract healthcare professionals to the experiential ease-of-use in scheduling and monitoring patients’ stays within local facilities.

Georgia Tech – GigaTechnologies

For a program of analysis known as GigaTechnologies, Georgia Tech is being considered for its largest grant approval in University history.  To promote this impressive initiative and to bring to life the philosophies of studying the largest manmade mechanisms in the world, DSE has produced the promo video for this five-college collaboration and its potential […]

White Electrical Company

White Electrical is an Atlanta business institution, opening its north Georgia doors well over 100 years ago.  A DSE customer since our early days, We can reference among its highly-distinguished client list Boeing, General Electric, General Mills and Goodyear.  DSE is currently producing a new orientation video for the company, setting the strong and professional […]

Colonial Pipeline

David Shapiro Enterprises is enormously proud of our long-standing relationship with Colonial Pipeline.  The largest carrier of refined petroleum products in the U.S., CP commissions DSE to produce multiple video production projects each year.  Security concerns prohibit us from posting our finished deliverables on-line, but we wish to thank Colonial for their series of collaborations […]