Envision an energy services company with 60,000 employees, transacting more than $11 billion in revenues throughout 60 countries last year. Now picture this firm making contact with DSE to acquire original video imagery. That’s exactly what’s transpired in recent weeks, as the John Wood Group sought to procure project footage of its recent acquisition, Amec […]


The Cobb County Department of Transportation has commissioned DSE to produce its informational, highly entertaining promotional video series for CobbLinc. Hosted by Canicka Cabarras of Fox Sports, our three videos are designed to educate and attract the transit system’s ridership to its many appealing offerings. Among the most impressive of these are pre-recorded voice announcements […]


Benefitting from the writing brilliance of Sketchworks’ founder Mike Stiles, DSE is generating MarketSphere’s new three-video series that takes a humorous look at the handling of prospective transactions and customers’ unfounded anxieties. Designed for conference screenings in which these clients will be in attendance, as well as for MarketSphere’s website itself, this comedic approach to […]

Zero Suicide International

Provided an abundance of video footage from their multinational conference of four years ago, we have collaborated with ZSI to successfully interweave highlights of the organization’s annual event into an empathetic, thought-provoking highlights reel of their gathering. DSE sees our video deliverable as a message of motivation for members of the organization, providing perspective on […]


If you’ve taken a trip to or from the world’s busiest airport recently, you’ve experienced a ton of physical upgrades to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson. The fifth runway I-285 bridges, the international terminal and, most notably, the massive steel ‘canopies’ over the North and South curbsides are all results of 2MNEXT’s vision. DSE has produced the new […]

High Meadows School

There’s an expressed theory around the campus of High Meadows, that any alum of the school would make an ideal spokesperson for its programs, teachers and offerings. DSE has proven this hypothesis by video-capturing six current high school and college students analyzing the progressive education they received at HMS; it was not difficult to purpose […]

Atlanta Scholars Kollel – Five Videos

The Atlanta Scholars Kollel is the community of Georgia rabbis and families who promote Jewish identity through shared acquisitions of knowledge and experiences. To best exemplify the approachability of these learned individuals, DSE has produced five video presentations for the Kollel, most of which combine humor and insight to deliver a memorable message. In time […]

Coastal Restaurant Equipment Rental

For more than 25 years, Coastal Restaurant Equipment Rental has supplied food service and restaurant equipment throughout metropolitan Atlanta. To set an incredibly upbeat tone for CRER’s initial marketing video, DSE dedicated much of our project’s production schedule to the city’s Taste of Atlanta event. As a direct result, we were given many opportunities to […]

“Life of DSE”

Much of the video content we’ve generated this month has either been a continuation of the projects on which we’re already working (Huber, Classic Tents & Events, Coastal) or are those pursuits that will rev up in November (Atlanta Scholars Kollel, CobbLinc). Within the interim, we have refined and revised our production company’s sizzle reel, […]

Gateway Center – A Life of Dignity

In many ways, Charli Shapiro has been collaborating with her production-based parents since she was 6 months old, serving as a snugli-bound extra in DSE’s promo video for Daniel Boone National Forest. Now, as a teenager, she is partnering with us yet again, serving as Cinematographer and Co-Director of the video we’re producing for The […]